CONSEQUENCES, new photobook

Bojan Golčar - Consequences

Text by: Tatjana Pregl Kobe

Photobook hardcover - 80 pages - matte paper - 205x255mm - slovene/english - selfpublish - 19,00€ + post Order:

Galerija Fotografija - Book Store Ljubljana

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Life on earth is the most magnificent and most complex phenomena known to us. Environment and life are inseparably intertwined. However, our planet is currently in great danger. We are destroying forests around the world, the deserts are getting larger, river and seas are polluted. The air we breathe is also becoming worse. The ever-warmer atmosphere is causing the deserts to spread and the glaciers to melt, both of which influence the weather conditions around the world. Nature is trying to warn us about the changes with the ever more frequent extreme weather phenomena, changes that could present a great danger to our future life on this planet. Environmentalists dream of the Eden we are losing, however this Eden will remain merely a dream unless we, as individuals, start doing everything in our strength to prevent further pollution.